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We offer no-maintenance solutions to protect your water systems from limescale, rust and bacteria.


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Introducing Sialex®Ring:

A powerful water treatment against limescale, rust and bacteria.

For private household

Do you notice white deposits when cleaning your shower or kitchen taps?

Those are symptoms for a more serious problem: limescale, which often comes with rust (or corrosion) and bacteria.

If you’re concerned about the quality of your water and the proper functioning of your household appliances, talk to us and get a Sialex®Ring installed now!

For business and industry

Are your machines, boilers or heat exchangers showing signs of limescale buildup or corrosion? Are your maintenance bills higher than expected due to damages in your water systems?

We offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution by preventing limescale buildup, reducing corrosion, thus improving energy efficiency.

Don’t let hard water damage your equipment or cost your business more money than necessary. Contact us today to learn how the Sialex®Ring can improve the quality and efficiency of your water systems.


Sialex®Ring is a simple, safe and easy-to-install system to improve your water’s quality, and protect your equipment.

Reduces limescale

Sialex®Ring acts on the crystal structure of minerals through a process of harmonic resonance.

This innovative process inhibits calcite’s ability to adhere on surfaces, and inside the pipes.

No maintenance

The Sialex®Ring operates completely maintenance-free.

It is designed to provide long-lasting, hassle-free effects, without the need for ongoing maintenance or upkeep.

Once installed, the ring ensures that your water supply remains clean and clear without any effort on your part.

Improves water quality

Sialex®Ring is a proven solution for improving water quality in both household and industrial settings.

It helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that can compromise the health and safety of your water supply.

With the Sialex®Ring, you can enjoy cleaner and safer water.

Long lifetime

The Sialex®Ring is built to provide long-lasting performances that you can count on.

Crafted in Germany from high-quality materials, the ring is designed to ensure an efficient water treatment over 15 years.

Thus, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your water supply is being treated by a durable and reliable solution.

Easy to install

Sialex®Ring is incredibly easy to install.

It can be fitted onto existing pipes and water systems without the need for any stop in the production process.

This means that you can enjoy the benefits of the Sialex®Ring with no disruption to your daily routine or water usage.

Safe & chemicals-free

Unlike traditional water treatment methods that rely on harsh chemicals and additives, the Sialex®Ring uses a process of harmonic resonance to inhibit the formation of limescale and rust.

This innovative system is safe for use in both household and industrial settings and poses no risk to your health or the environment.


Sialex®Ring is a scientifically proven solution that pulverizes calcite into aragonite.

The Sialex®Ring uses an innovative technology to transform calcite into aragonite, a mineral that is unable to cause buildup in pipes and appliances.

By pulverizing calcite particles into this soluble form, the Sialex®Ring is able to prevent mineral deposits from forming, resulting in cleaner, more efficient water flow.

Unlike traditional water softening methods that rely on salt or chemicals to prevent damages, the Sialex®Ring uses a unique process based on a combination of harmonics and vibration. Those are generated by the inner aluminium-silicon composition of the ring.

Sialex®Rings also have a curative effect, removing the already-incrusted limescale by natural erosion coming from the treated water.

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